Can I use the "Kids App Maker" software on a Windows PC?

No, at the moment it only works with Mac OS Lion, Mountain Lion, Mavericks and Yosemite.

What is the output of this software?

You will get a binary app file compiled with your Apple certificates. This will allow you to publish the app on the store, using your Apple account and the revenue is 100% yours. We do not have any revenue share, nor do we use our account to publish your stories.

You can also get another binary file for a Windows Phone native app, so that you can publish on the Windows store as well.

Will the final result work on both tablets and smartphones?

Yes, the software creates a universal app so that you can profit from both markets. The software automatically rescales your resources in order to fit both resolutions. It can also be set to fit just one screen ratio, in case you prefer to create an app for just one device.

Does it allow me to do apps for desktop computers?

Yes, the software can create apps compatible with MAC OS and also Windows 8.1 (desktop and tablets).

Can I do upgrades on the apps I've made?

Yes, upgrades are included for free as long as you use the same AppID (during your 1 year license). We only charge for new Apps being published.

Can I publish it on Windows 8.1 or Windows Phone?

Yes, with the launch of version 4 "Kids App Maker" is now compatible with Windows Phone devices, as well as Windows 8.1 (desktop and tablets).

Can I setup a library using in-app buying systems?

Yes, the software allows you to make several apps/games/books and sell them as in-app purchase items. You will have access to just one library app, and prices and downloads of each book will be controlled through a backoffice that we can give you access to.

Can I have access to some sort of apps usage analytics?

Yes you can. We can provide you with a package that features powerful analytics and push notifications.

Can I incorporate some advertising engines?

Yes you can. We integrate several well-known advertising engines.

I have several other questions. How can I reach you?

Send us an email and we will answer you as soon as possible.

About Us

KidsAppMaker is a product developed by AppGeneration from 2011, which is now in its 4 Generation. We have always a team working on this project in order to make life easier to our clients in terms of making Apps fast, reliable and fun.

KidsAppMaker have already made hundreds of apps for many different brands and companies in different continents.

Future version are influenced by our vision on making an universal App maker, as well as to make it easy to produce highly animated material in a easy way. But also our clients request for new features are a key input for the new developments.

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