With "Kids App Maker" you can enhance your text, pictures and sound content with the robust and fun features described bellow. In just a few days you can get your design and production team testing and making their first interactive apps for the next generation.

Why should I use this software?

The strong feedback we have had from our surveys and by working with publishers, told us that publishers like to control their publishing ecosystem and have their designer, editor and art director work on their next generation apps.

We believe you need the freedom to work on your premium content and let our best-of-class software concentrate on producing and wrapping the code, to run these apps on tablets and smartphones in different sizes and operating systems.

We will solve for you the following problems:

  • Multi-operating system (all done at the same time: iOS, Mac OS, Windows Phone)
  • Multi-screen resolution (smartphone, tablets, desktops, all done at the same time)
  • Multi-language projects (translate texts and keep other elements unchanged)
  • Mix storytelling and gaming in the same app experience
  • Now just put everything 10 times easier and faster...

How can this software help me make my Apps?

  • This software focuses on making highly interactive apps, from games and storytelling to educational kids apps and product presentations, among many other options.
  • You should be able to do your project 10 times faster, easier and cheaper and achieve a better quality at the end.
  • You won’t need to know how to code in any language; the final results are native apps that will run native code that was automatically produced by the software itself.
  • You will be able to plan your apps' scenes, pages and flows with all kinds of menus.
  • You will have trigger events to start your actions based on touch, swipes, tilts, time and other objects events.
  • You will be able to do all kinds of animations, with over 200 different possible effects.
  • Implement powerful and magical physics effects that can make objects move dynamically, and react to the speed and direction of swipes and tilts.
  • Add sound effects and motion in an easy way.
  • Use pre-made game dynamics, so that you can add more than 12 different games to your app in minutes.
  • Add videos to your apps combined with other components.
  • Add web interactions to your apps flow.
  • Sync the audio with the text, so that stories and words can be highlighted when read. This is a key educational feature that can help kids develop their reading skills.
  • Organize your stories, or games in a library in a really easy way.
  • Add Augmented Reality to your project to allow you to create a link with physical objects.
  • Use Text-to-Speech technology in 30 different languages.
  • Get highly advanced statistics on the usage of your apps, and send push notifications to your users.
  • Put advertising inside, so you can also benefit from advertising revenues.
  • And much, much more... Just take a look at our advanced features document...

How can I profit from it?

1 – If you are a publisher:

You can publish and sell your apps and stories in a new and dynamic market of interactive content in iOS and Windows Phone OS ecosystems. This means you can sell your apps in – Apple’s App Store, Amazon Store, Windows Phone Store.

The business model is up to you. This software just speeds things up for you. We do not interfere with your business model. There is no branding from us, no credits and no share revenue…

If you sell it, offer it for free or prefer a freemium model, it is literally your business, not ours.

We have already produced thousands of projects for our clients, here a few examples:




2 – If you are an author, artist or designer:

Why don’t you use our software for free to prototype your app projects, so that you can show them to friends and to potential clients?

Now you won’t need a software programmer to accomplish a finished product… What are you waiting for?

Want to know more?
Contact us at: info@appgeneration.com